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'''ATGC Labs, LLC''' develops and distributes the [[laboratory information management system]] (LIMS) software ActiveLIMS as well as several other [[laboratory informatics]] products.
'''ATGC Labs, LLC''' develops and distributes the [[laboratory information management system]] (LIMS) software ActiveLIMS as well as several other [[laboratory informatics]] products.
Located in biotech-rich state of Maryland, ATGC Labs serves the need for ever-increasing demand of quality information technology solutions, consulting, software development and programming of commercial bioinformatics systems. Our innovative approach to leveraging technology to advance your scientific objectives enables a more streamlined workflow. Through the combination of technology and scientific knowledge, ATGC Labs provides solutions that are catalysts to integration efforts resulting in more effective laboratory processes. We focus our talents on providing solutions to address difficult, otherwise unsolvable problems that have resulted in research bottlenecks.
== Freezer Web Access ==
Freezer Web Access is designed to fit your lab's existing workflow through its highly configurable and easy to manage set up and can mirror the unique process steps for each individual laboratory.
Freezer Web Access can track all of your research, development and process scale-up data in a single data storage platform, provides an organized and time effective means of keeping inventory and tracking samples on a large scale, integrates sample storage and data storage on one easy-to-use format, minimizes confusion and increases overall efficiency. With a multifaceted approach, the program allows for inventory to be maintained based on specific user requirements.
==Technology and products==
Freezer Web Access is a user friendly program designed to assist researchers with establishing an efficient system for storing frozen biological samples. Freezer Web Access is built in a way that requires no IT-staff assistance for set up or use.
With Freezer Web Access storage of samples is simple and systematic. Virtual containers are created to match the configuration and dimensions of physical storage containers. Containers/freezers may be easily configured using a Quick Setup feature, new containers may be added based on the need to expand. Samples are entered into the program according to their physical arrangement in freezers. A Container Layout feature provides a visual representation of each container for ease of identifying occupied spaces versus vacant spaces. Entries may be made in a sample by sample manner or in batches (in cases where there are numerous identical samples). Detailed information pertaining to a sample is entered at the time of initial entry and may be easily edited when necessary. Freezer Web Access provides a platform whereby documents can be virtually attached to samples both individually and in batches.
Download free Evaluation build: [http://sourceforge.net/projects/labstorage/files]
== Science & Engineering Lab Inventory ==
The Science & Engineering Lab Inventory System is an innovative, easy to learn full-featured solution for research laboratories. Lab Inventory can be used to track reagents, disposables, analytical instruments, computer hardware, general laboratory equipment. Lab Inventory is ideal for all types of industries, including biotechnology, chemistry, education, dentistry, electronics, physics, medicine and more.
Download free Evaluation build: [http://sourceforge.net/projects/labinventory/files/]
== ActiveLN, electronic laboratory notebook ==
====Additional information====
ActiveLN, a web based, secure, modular and expandable electronic laboratory notebook system was designed to meet your company's needs. ActiveLN inspires users to work and think outside the box, supports collaboration and knowledge sharing among users, provides enterprise-wide instrument and software integration, easy access to the projects and experiments. ActiveLN is the cost efficient implementation, suitable for all scientific and applied tasks, is easy to install, use and to implement new workflows, and workflow sets.
== ActiveLIMS ==
ActiveLIMS is a web-based Laboratory Information Management System that consists of software modules dedicated for annotating, collecting, managing, and accessing research data generated in the process of biological and chemical experiments, including drug screening and discovery. ActiveLIMS is instrument independent, allowing labs to choose their own instruments with the confidence that it will interface with their LIMS. Instrument integration and control for liquid handling and assay result measurement including SpectraMax, TaqMan, etc. is fully supported in order to reduce the time needed for data collection. ActiveLIMS can create custom integration with any third party systems in a lab.
== Lab Processes ==
Lab Processes helps chemists, physicists, biologists and other scientists in conducting a wide variety of tests and experiments. Lab Processes is a lightweight user-friendly program for managing and executing process tasks with synchronous and asynchronous continuations. It is very simple to add new custom processes and tasks. Lab Processes uses event listeners for decoupling technical software details from instrument management. Lab Processes is capable of cloning processes and needs only minor modifications to reflect the requirements.
Download free Evaluation build: [http://sourceforge.net/projects/labprocesses/files]

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Type Limited Liability Company
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters 9204 Bells Mill Rd.
Potomac, MD
, United States
Area served United States
Website ATGCLabs.com

ATGC Labs, LLC develops and distributes the laboratory information management system (LIMS) software ActiveLIMS as well as several other laboratory informatics products.


Technology and products


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